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L&M Sola 3800F

Price inc GST. w/Ball Adaptor & Charger

* Nice package to make it real easy and represent GREAT VALUE.

* Essentially a complete kit here.  You get the 3800F light head, built in rechargeable battery, charger, 1" ball adaptor.  For many of you, just fit it into your existing clamp/arm set up and you are good to go.

* If you have any queries, please let me know.


Sola 3800F 'Flood' Features & Specifications:

  • Compact and well built.
  • 3800, 1900 & 950 lumen selectable outputs.
  • 90 degree angle of coverage.
  • Coloured status LED's for battery and mode indication for easy power management.
  • Has a simple switch with lock. Ensures reliable ON/OFF operation and greatly reduces flooding risk with magnetic control. Works very well.
  • Fast charge system.
  • Run times: 50 minutes @ 3800 lumens :: 100 minutes @ 1900 lumens :: 200 minutes @ 950 lumens.
  • Dimensions: 5.7 x 10.1cm.
  • Rated to 100 metres.

Kit items include:

  • Sola 3800F light head with 90 degrees of wide coverage and built-in rechargeable battery, fast charger, English instructions, 1" alloy ball adaptor, bag.
  • Accessories
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