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Inon LF800N Kit

Price includes GST. w/Ball Adaptor & Holder

* Nice package to make it real easy.

* Absolute BARGAIN for such a high quality, highly specialized, beautifully built & high output LED 'SNOOT' light.

* Essentially a complete kit here.  You get the LF800N light head, LF single light holder & YS ball adaptor.  All you need to add is batteries (Panasonic ENELOOP PRO are recommended) and for many of you just bolt it into an existing clamp/arm set up.

* If you have any queries, please let me know.


LF800N SNOOT Features & Specifications:

  • Pretty unique product.  It is a LED light specifically designed to be used as a SNOOT light instead of a strobe.  Only 5 degrees of coverage with sharp cut off, constant light, beautiful colour temp and just works a whole lot better than the snoot attachments for whatever brand of strobe.
  • Compact with alloy body construction.
  • Has a simple rotary switch with a lock ring to ensure reliable ON/OFF operation and greatly reduces flooding risk together with double o ring structure for moving parts. Works very well.
  • Uses user friendly 3 x AA batteries.
  • 800 lumen & 300 lumen outputs with 5 degree narrow beam.
  • 5000K 'white light' colour temperature.
  • Approx 90 mins run time at 800 lumens output or 265 mins at 300 lumens output, when used with Eneloop PRO rechargeable batteries.
  • Can be used in air at 300 lumens.
  • Optional: single holder unit.
  • Dimensions: 144.6mm x 60.6mm.
  • Rated to 120 metres.

Standard items include:

  • LF800N SNOOT light head with 5 degree narrow beam, English instructions, Inon grease.
  • Please note that batteries are NOT included.  The battery holder is, but the batteries are not. The photo above is purely there to show how the batteries load.

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