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9460 LED 'Gen 3'

9460 'Generation 3' Features & Specifcations:

  • The 9460 is available in 2 case colours: yellow & black.
  • An energy efficient lighting solution with very low long-term operating costs.
  • It is a very neat, highly portable, industrial grade LED lighting package that uses a Pelican 1510 case, (with pull out handle and wheels), to store the batteries and the light heads in a convenient easy to move kit.
  • The system is incredibly rugged and is deployed quickly.
  • 2 LED light heads, with a total of 20 high output LEDs.
  • Dual USB adaptor.
  • Intelligent control system.  Calculates and displays current battery life.  Allows you to regulate the output and desired run time.
  • Bluetooth enabled with FREE app available.
  • Modes: Completely variable as you get to control the light output from the LCD panel.
  • Variable output settings: 12,000 lumens (2 x 6000lm) and down to approx 1000 lumens.
  • Run times: Variable from 3 hours and up to approx 24 hours.
  • Automatic brightness settings based on LCD panel run time settings.
  • 50,000 hours of LED life.
  • 120 degree beam spread per head. In practice, the angle is around 150 degrees or more of usable light in darkness.
  • Fully extendable, full alloy mast with machined stainless steel mounts top and bottom with 360 degree rotating head.
  • Extended height is up to 2m and can be adjusted to a lower height if needed.
  • 3 x mast extension locks, per arm.
  • 8 hours recharge time when fully discharged.
  • The light head gets barely warm and the thing is SILENT when in operation.
  • No exhaust fumes.
  • The internal battery is replaceable.
  • Certificates: IP54.

Dimensions, as provided by Pelican: (L x W x D in cm)

  • External 1510 case: 55.9 x 35.1 x 22.9.
  • Weight: 24.9kg including the 1510 case.
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